Thursday, February 9, 2012

das haus von john waters in baltimore, maryland

5jw feb2012hazel “I have a lot of fake food around the house.” Why do you have so much fake food? “I dunno, I guess so I won’t eat it all?”4jw feb2012hazel7jw feb2012hazel“This is my favorite book title of all time.” What’s it about? Have you read it?
“No! I just love the title!”8jw feb2012hazel10jw feb2012hazel12jw feb2012hazelWaters pulling out some of his favorites from his book collection.
This one is Dad’s in Prison by Margaret Speed.17jw feb2012hazelWhy do you love Justin Bieber so much? “Just ’cause he makes me laugh so much.”
22jw feb2012hazel23jw feb2012hazel

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