Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adolf Loos Bedroom for Lina Loos

Adolf Loos, österreichischer Architekt, entwarf dieses Schlafzimmer für seine Frau Lina, Wien, 1903

“The white room that Loos designed for Lina, his blonde, blue-eyed,
nineteen-year-old wife, was the most intimate place in the house.
The white walls, the white draperies and the white angora sheepskins created
a sensual and delicate fluidity; every object in the room was white.
Even the closets were concealed behind pale linen drapes.
this was an architecture of silence, of a sentimental and erotic approach.
Its contrast with the more public living spaces attests
to a method of composition that was strictly governed by the psychological
status of each room.”

– Panayotis Tournikiotis, Adolf Loos, Princeton Architectural Press, 2002, p. 36.

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